patagonia gold porcelain panel

Large Format Porcelain Panels

The ACE XL tiles collection are masterfully crafted and designed to impress. Made from the highest quality materials, these large format panels provide a grandiose aesthetic that is both durable and easy-to-clean – ideal for decorative applications. The innovative sintered particle compacting process creates an entirely nonporous surface perfect for feature walls, splash backs or anywhere else you wish to make a statement. 

Large Floor Tiles

The large format surfaces combine sleek minimalism with natural beauty. No two pieces are the same, so you can create a look that’s completely bespoke to you.  

Porcelain Panel

Porcelain panels inspired by natural stone offer an understated, modern elegance to any space. With endless possibilities they help create a unique aesthetic that will be treasured for years to come.

Large Format Floor Tiles

Porcelain provides an exquisite touch of bespoke luxury to a variety of interior design endeavours. Its remarkable versatility allows for custom creations ranging from floors, walls and marble replicas – creating dream designs that truly stand out in style.

Porcelain Wall Panels

Even in natural stone finishes, porcelain has the unique ability to elevate any space while adding an air of sophistication. Its flexibility makes porcelain surfaces a great choice for any renovation or new build project.

A range of finishes to suit any style

Large format porcelain panels offer a resilient and eye-catching choice in flooring for high traffic areas. With its uniform composition, the colour and pattern remain vivid as it is infused throughout each tile’s depth – creating an enduring masterpiece of aesthetic elegance while allowing neat edging along stairs or other contours.

  • Internal floors and walls
  • Bathroom floors and walls
  • Wall cladding
  • Feature wall

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