porcelain panels, porcelain benchtops

Large Format Porcelain Panels

Our ACE XL range is a large format porcelain panel collection suitable for many applications. We provide architects, designers and homeowners alike with an incredibly strong, durable, low maintenance and environmentally friendly surface. 

Technical Porcelain Panels

Made of 100% natural materials, these pieces can be used in any space to add a touch of elegance, with their sleek design features such as luscious colours or intricate patterns that give each panel its own individual character.

Porcelain benchtops

The high physical strength & quality of this material coupled with its durability makes it perfect for kitchen benchtop installations.

Natural aesthetic

A natural look that will add an organic touch to your home. Inspired by natural stones and marbles, to cool the contemporary look of concrete.

Porcelain Panels

Our porcelain panels can be used in countless interior and exterior applications such as kitchen benchtops, wall cladding, flooring and more.