Superclassica SCB Range

The starting point was the study of the colour beige. This warm and natural shade was interpreted through a stone look in eight finishes and seven sizes. Together, these elements were carefully designed to be mixed and matched with each other in a contemporary framework, while providing movement to the surfaces. It takes on different interpretations: polished, natural, bush-hammered, engraved, antiqued, structured – Superclassica brings together all these aspects and much more. The collection includes Peggy – a 60x120cm tile with a glossy finish – and two wall decors presented in two sizes – 15x15cm and 10x40cm- and available in two colours: white and a super bright green, which provides a perfect natural-artificial balance to the whole collection. Superclassica thus became an array of opportunities, ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, indoor and outdoor projects.

Classic never goes wrong.

Sizes (cm)