Puzzle Tile Range

Puzzle is a set of glazed porcelain tiles: a mixture of block colours and multi-coloured graphic patterns. The idea behind the collection is to design the entire room and not just an individual facade, giving the chance of communication between architectonic and space elements placed in different parts of the house and drawing a continuous line through colour declinations of the collection. The versatility of the block colours and graphic patterns offers endless possibilities to the space projects, combining walls and floors, shaping areas with frames and graphic flooring, aiming to give rhythm and attitude to unique settlements.

Sizes (cm)

  • 25 x 25


Important considerations when purchasing tile samples

Samples supplied as 10x10cm. 

Samples of some tile collections, colours and/or finishes may not be available for purchase.

ACE. can only supply tile products to buyers within Queensland. We urge interstate customers to contact their local distributor.

Please contact our team for more information or assistance.

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