Punto Tile Range

Developed from the concept that inspired the Pico collection, Punto is a three-dimensional decorative element that can be used only on walls. The pattern is characterised by big sunken dots (Down) or elevated dots (Up) and finds its highest expression when used on large surfaces. Depending on how light hits the elements, they create unexpected chiaroscuro effects that enliven interiors.

Both the Up and Down options are available in a sheet size of 21.1×31.5cm. The palette presents five colours in Matt finish (White, Grey, Red, Green, Blue) and five in the Glossy one (Blanc, Gris, Rose, Vert, Brun) which is obtained by applying a transparent, polished and bright glaze.

Sizes (cm)

  • 21.1×31.5cm


  • Glossy
  • Matt


Important considerations when purchasing tile samples

Samples supplied as 10x10cm. 

Samples of some tile collections, colours and/or finishes may not be available for purchase.

ACE. generally supplies products to buyers across Queensland. For the convenience of interstate customers, there may be a distributor within your region that can assist with your enquiry.

Please contact our team for more information or assistance.

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