Our rich history started when brothers Rocco and Nick Peronace founded Ace Ceramics with the vision of becoming one of Australia’s most reputable suppliers of stone and ceramics. In 1974, Ace Ceramics began importing and installing quality Italian ceramic tiles and stone, holding fast to three fundamental values: Quality, Reliability, Integrity.

By embracing these values and some serious elbow grease the business flourished. Within ten years, Ace Ceramics had grown dramatically, boasting over 120 people on the payroll, a stone fabrication facility, and a steadfast team that were undertaking some of the largest projects in NSW and QLD.

In 1997 the reins were handed down to Antonio Peronace whose passion for sourcing and import saw “ACE” opening additional studios, offices and showrooms in Queensland to house and show-case our globally sourced products. We take great pride in procuring and delivering the most innovative and quality product to our customer, from all corners of the world.

We honour “ACE”s rich history and embrace our bright future.
“ACE” is not just a word-mark, it’s an experience. 
All of our brand elements come together cohesively and clearly to express who we are. 
A disciplined level of consistency makes all of our elements concise, recognisable, and simple for you to immediately associate with “ACE”.

When you see our logo, word-mark, icon, typefaces and graphics, we want you to instantly understand the promise we are making to you.

Our identity is clear, so that you, our customer, can identify and connect with us no matter where our logo appears.