Introducing Piano

Piano is a research project that has the aim of doing away entirely with the typical layout patterns for ceramic tiles.
The slight variation in size and the use of glaze create a certain vibration, similar to the image of certain reflections on the water, it creates the optical image of a non-geometrical figure.

Mutina has rediscovered the technology of double charge of clay to obtain different textural effects in a wide range of colours. It presents an endless range of casual combinations that give the surface a vibrant effect, achieved by the continuous alternation of two sizes and different shades of colour. The collection has five base colours (white, grey, blue, green and pink) and is made with coloured clays to which layers of glaze are added in different widths. There are two rectangular sizes (7.5 x 30 cm and 10 x 30 cm) in several colours always arranged in the same box, to allow the greatest variation and vibrant effect of the fitted tile layout. Piano is made in partially glazed porcelain stoneware and is suitable for floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors.

“The tiles can be fitted together at will, to create endless layout possibilities. Their random disposition is mysterious and creates the impression of a total continuation of space. This systemicrhythm always creates the space for originality”.
Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

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